Christmas Card ideas (and how to pluralize last names!)

Only 49 days until Christmas! Which means fewer days to get those cards printed and mailed to your friends and family. I created three designs this year for my clients to choose from. I think they fit most styles and tastes.

Which one is your favorite?

Once your get your cards created and delivered, it’s time to address the envelopes. When you send a card to a family, you make the last name plural. And to make the last name plural you follow the normal rules for making words plural – you either add an “s” or “es”. I see many instances where people add apostrophes to last names to make them plural. Apostrophes are used to show possession or a contraction of two words.

These two mean very different things:

  • The Smiths
  • The Smith’s

The Smiths – this means you are addressing the card to a group of people who have the last name “Smith”.

The Smith’s – this means that something belongs to one person whose last name is Smith. What belongs to this one Smith? The Smith’s what? cat? house? Because that is what the card is being addressed to.

Let’s do another one:

  • The Williamses
  • The Williams’

This gets a little funny looking. When the last name already ends in an “s” I usually address the card to the Williams Family.

So, it’s pretty easy actually. When addressing cards, don’t use an apostrophe. That’s it! And if it’s easier, just address the card to the Family.

Drop me a line and let me know which card design you like! And what is your least favorite part of addressing cards? (Mine is checking addresses – we have many military friends and so we inevitably have a lot of address changes to make).

Here’s to documenting cherished moments,