Fall Session: Christina’s Family

This year I offered Fall Limited Edition Sessions. These sessions were 20 minutes long and my clients could choose one of two packages. I call them "limited edition" because I offer products that I don't normally offer during the year. They're limited and the session is an AMAZING value. I'm talking over $200 worth of products for $149.99. It's killer. If you'd like to be kept in the loop for my next Limited Edition Session click the button below. 

Y’all, once again I had an awesome time doing a session with Christina. This time I got to meet her adorable kids. They hopped out of the car all smiles and sunshine and ready to pose it up for me. And they looked amazing. We ended up nicknaming C, the Dapper Dabber. He did show me his dabbing skills and they’re pretty amazing.

Christina chose Package A which included 50 Christmas Cards, a metal ornament, 10 digital images, a mobile app, and a Facebook Timeline Cover image.