February’s Photo Challenge


Last year, my photo challenge was year-long — editing a picture every day. This year I’m switching up my challenges monthly. February’s challenge was to use a fixed lens for a shoot instead of multiple focal lengths. Using your feet to zoom forces you to think more about the composition.

I did several personal shoots this month using my Canon 50mm on my 7d. The first shoot was with a Philly photographer, Jessica Lynn, who was visiting Miami. We went to Wynwood Walls and used my younger daughter as a model.

Jes is so much fun to shoot with. I am now wanting a leather camera holster! Jes and I took turns modeling for each other. (Props to my clients who stand in front of my camera all the time. I’m more comfortable behind the lens.)

I also got to do a lifestyle session with two young siblings. It was such a fun session! This was more challenging, being inside and having to account for furniture and small spaces. But candids are where my heart is at, so it was a joy.

For March, my photo challenge is to use one aperture for a whole shoot! I pulled out the camera on a windy day when we decided to fly a kite. Not a good shoot to use one aperture on. So, my thinking cap is on. That’s what these challenges are for, after all! I love macro, and this seems to be the challenge to play with that.

What challenge have you given yourself this month, photography or otherwise?