Inspiration – Projects and Challenges

Photographer's block.


Creative juices = gone.

Everyone I know who holds a camera struggles at some time or another with indecision and photographer's block. Professional or hobbyist, it's hard to keep motivated and keep stretching ourselves creatively. This is where Pinterest comes in! (I love Pinterest!)

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Not only are there great images to jump start our creative juices, but there are so many challenges and projects listed. Let's look a couple types!

  1. Daily challenge. I'm finishing up one that I started on 01 Feb 2016. Just a few more days to go and I will have edited and posted a picture a day for a year! I've called that: Project Edit 365. Click below to take a look at it

ProjectEdit365 is a year-long photography and edit challenge. Edit one picture a day for a year. Used lightroom only. By VSD Photography

Other projects challenge you to take a picture and post it every day for a year.

Photo of how to start a 365 photography project

Not into taking a picture or posting every day? That can be overwhelming. Here are some weekly and monthly challenges.

photograph of a 52 week photography challenge                                        photography challenge to take a photo a day for a month

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

Another way to distinguish projects and challenges are what they are encouraging you to work on.


Creative challenges are probably the majority of photo projects out there. They give you a word or idea and you think creatively to shoot.

photography challenge that gives you a word a day for a month to take photos and be creative

Technical challenges narrow down how you're going to shoot. Maybe with a specific lens, or all black and white, or even with a certain composition in mind.

photography project that gives you technical specifications to challenge your creativity

So, don't let photographer's block get in your way of improving this year. Take on one of these projects and see how you flourish. Follow my Pinterest page which has a board dedicated to challenges and projects.

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