Parent Letter

Hello, Parent!

Your teen has expressed interest in becoming a senior model for VSD Photography. So, let me introduce myself, my photography, and the senior model program.

It's me - Vicki of VSD Photography senior photographer in South Florida

I’m Vicki, a military spouse with two girls of my own (16 and 11). We’ve lived in South Florida for a year and a half and I absolutely love it. The winters down here are the best! To me, living amongst the palm trees means living pretty close to paradise.

I’m a natural light photographer in Broward County who enjoys shooting on location, wherever that takes me. My passion is teens and young women, but I also enjoy working with families and couples. My style is a good mix between posed and candid photography. In fact, I love catching the in-between moments when my client/s are being themselves and aren’t focused on cheesing a big smile. I’m a Christian, so my photography is not risque and I do not encourage inappropriate clothing for my models or clients.

This is the first year of my senior model program. I’m super excited to get it off the ground and work with more teens! I’m not sure what you know or have heard about senior model/rep programs, but mine is different from many in that there is no cost to be involved yet it includes many benefits. Here are the details:

  • one or two fun “mini” sessions with other senior models at the beginning of this year’s season (they can attend one or both).
  • social media files to share on their social accounts (you can share, too!)
  • fun group photography sessions throughout the year with the other senior models.
  • opportunities to hang out *and* serve the community. I’m planning on at least six get togethers throughout the year. These will either be photo sessions, service opportunities, or just hangouts at a local Starbucks, ice cream shop, etc.
  • $100 off their full senior portrait session or free professional makeup application (if you choose to have his/her portrait session with me)
  • a chance for your teen to earn $20 to $25 each time they refer other teens for full senior portrait sessions (but no pressure)



What is required?

  • a model release before the “mini” group sessions. The model release allows me to use the images on my social media accounts and in marketing and advertising materials. If you don’t feel comfortable having your teen’s name released, I will absolutely keep that to myself.
  • an ability to make at least one of the “mini” group sessions at the beginning of this year’s season (11 and 18 March).
  • a social media account: Instagram and/or Facebook. I ask that my models share their images with their friends and family and tag my business.
  • a fun yet respectful attitude from your teen for me, the other teens, and really anyone!

I am always available to answer your questions! As a parent, I am very inquisitive about the activities my girls participate in. I want to be an open book for you so you and your teens feel completely comfortable.

If all of this sounds wonderful to you, please fill out the parent approval form below. Once I receive your information, I will send you the contract and model release. I’m really looking forward to this year and my inaugural senior models!


~ Vicki ~