Products | Making your artwork stand out

When you are wanting to display your beautiful images from your photography session, it's important to keep size in mind. 

Yes, size matters. And this is where mounting comes in. 

You also want to consider how you plan on displaying your artwork. Mounting plays a part here as well. 

Many people frame their images, and we all know how frames work. You insert your picture behind the mat. Tape it to the mat (use an acid-free or archival tape). And close the back.

But if your print is 16x20 or larger I would recommend ordering your print mounted. I made the mistake when I ordered my first 16x20s for my own walls. I didn't have the prints mounted and they ended up starting to sag within the frame. So mounting your prints, especially the large ones, will help them stay looking perfect! 

(I didn't mount these prints when I ordered them and now they're not staying perfectly smooth in the frames.)

Mounting also gives you a little bit of flexibility. One of the modern ways to display your images is on a shelf without a frame. Like leaning a canvas against a wall. This can only be done if the prints are mounted. 

Mounted 16x20 wall art by VSD Photography

My lab uses archival quality materials to mount your prints. This ensures your artwork will be long-lasting and more durable than a loose print. 

Contact me if you have any questions about mounting your prints! If you are a client of mine, we'll talk about this during the ordering session.