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There are so many options when it comes to displaying your images! Your style and the aesthetic of the area where the images will be displayed plays a big part as to what medium your images should be printed on. Not only that, but the subject of the print is also important to take into consideration.

I chose 10"x10" square metal prints for the images of Mari.


What makes metal a good choice?

- These are senior portraits, which lend themselves to a more modern style like metal
- The colors, although soft, are bright and pop on the metal finish
- The square is modern as well and fun for senior photographs - and four together make a good grouping.

The back has a 1/2" block, which allows it to stand away from the wall. You could also set it on your desk in a small easel.


If your style is modern or you want a new and different finish for your portraits, you should consider getting metal prints!