5 Ways to Refresh your Brand

woman leans forward towards you while sitting in a chair


It is your voice without saying a word.

It is the perception that others have about your business.

It is your reputation.

There are times in the life of your business when you feel like a rebrand or at least a refresh of your brand is necessary. We should be re-evaluating our brand message at least yearly. 

That doesn’t necessarily mean making major changes each year, though. Small tweaks can be all that’s needed to better align with your business’ voice and vision.

 Here are 5 ways to bring new life into your brand.

1. Consider using new avenues

There’s a reason you’re wanting to refresh your brand. Are you wanting to reach a new audience, a different sector? You might need to speak to them differently than your original clientele. Do you need to start using more video content? Heaven forbid, but do you need to memorize tiktok dances in order to get in front of your ideal client? Is it time to start using text marketing? Using new avenues to reach your clients is a great way to grow your brand voice and stretch yourself in the process.

2. Update your Website, LinkedIn, social media profiles

I don’t just mean the posts you’re uploading. Each social media platform gives you the ability to build your profile. Perhaps your LinkedIn profile still mention that you’re with a former employer? Does your Instagram bio contain links to your other content? Do Facebook and Google have your most current work hours? Set a tasker at least twice a year to check yourself on all the platforms you’re using. This is an easy brand refres

3. update your Elevator pitch

Always be ready to talk about your business. If you’ve been using the same pitch for months on end, you may come across as stale or stagnant. Having a key phrase you always use, that people automatically know you by is great. But if they can recite your pitch verbatim,it might be time to shake things up a bit.

4.update your visuals

All of these avenues will most likely need to be updated with a refresh — or if you haven’t had them updated in several years.  This is where I come in! I can help you update your headshot, branding images, product photos, print and digital media, etc. Set up a consultation with me so we can discuss if new visuals are needed.

5. update your logo, fonts, and colors

This is the biggest and most drastic change. Updating these shouldn’t happen often, otherwise you risk confusing current and potential clients. Tread lightly here. I would recommend talking with a professional like Brand Mirror or C Liston Communications to make sure you’re on the right track with what you’re wanting to change. This tends to lead to more than a brand refresh but a brand rebirth.