Indoors or Outdoors for headshots?

Is it time to update your headshots? If you choose a photographer like me to do a custom session that will cater to your brand, your needs, and your vision you’ll have the option of photographing indoors or out. Which should you choose? (Or can you choose both?)


Woman poses on deck with trees in background


~ Utilizing nature or urban landscaping to shape your story.

~ Stand out from the crowd by having headshots that are different.


~ The weather dictates when you can shoot outside.

~ The sun can be a friend or foe.

A senior teen poses for her portraits


woman poses in front of grey backdrop


~ Complete control of surroundings

~ No worry about weather.


~ You might lose some creative feel (but not likely, see below)


The great news is that you can choose both! If your branding allows for a little more of a relaxed feel then consider adding a bit of time outdoors.

Once you decide you’d like some images taken outside, you now need to think about what type of background would be appropriate or desirable. Country or city? Park-like or urban? You most likely live in an area that could give you both.

Woman poses outside
woman stands in front of grey slate wall

These images were taken at the same session in Downtown Dayton. My client brought tops and jackets to switch out.

It’s really up to you where you end up having your images taken. That will be something you discuss with your photographer when they have a planning session with you. Click below if you want to have a planning session with me!