The gorgeous portraits we create together deserve to be displayed! We’re all guilty of having most of our images hiding out digitally. I’m going to go through the various products I offer that show off your beautiful images — there’s something for everyone.


My absolute favorite way to display images is in a folio box. I like to call them keepsake boxes or memory boxes. These are like albums in that you’re able to flip through all the images from your session. Unlike albums though, they are loose, not bound, so you can display them in a frame, or on a desk. The window box has a glass window on the front and you can switch out images as often as you like.

Another great advantage is that you can add images to it. So if you come back for multiple sessions, you still only need one box. It’s much more versatile than an album.

I offer two boxes (both from Ireland): A wooden box and and a vegan leather box. The wooden box has a window on the front for you to use the box as a standing frame. The vegan leather box is “champagne” color and can be personalized with your name or label on the cover. Both include USBs containing the digital images in the box.

The prints in the folio box are matted and can be displayed by themselves (without a frame), placed in a frame, or given to friends and family.

The 11×14 box has 8×10 prints matted in 11×14 mats. The 8×10 box has 5×7 prints matted in 8×10 mats.


The soft folio is a beautiful option when you are collecting fewer prints. Or if you just like the softer look and feel. 

This folio is Italian and is made of genuine nubuck leather outer and linen/cotton interior. It can hold up to 10 matted portraits. It is 8×10 and holds 5×7 prints matted to 8×10.


The folio frame is the perfect way to show off one favorite portrait. . . or to swap out the various portraits you have in your keepsake folio. 

It is magnetic and so easy to open and switch out matted prints. It is 8×10 and holds an 8×10 mat.

Send this frame to the office or give it as a gift. 


The collage is perfect for when you can’t decide which image is your favorite. Choose nine of them and display them in a beautiful frame that fits your style and decor (frame not included). The matted prints are approximately 28×32.